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Central Highland

 General information

- Geographic location: Central Highlands is located in the West, Southwest of the country and in the West of Trường Sơn mountain range; Central Highlands is bounded by Laos and Cambodia to the west, by the South Central Coast to the east and Northeast, by Southeast area to the south.
- Area: 544,737 km2.
- Topographic features: Central Highlands has various and complicated topographic features with many high mountains and highlands.
- Administrative units: Include 5 provinces of: Lâm Đồng, Daklak, Dak Nông, Gia Lai và Kon Tum .
- Population: about 48,689,000

Regional advantages

- Location advantages: Central Highlands has strategic economic, politic, defensive location advantages in Vietnam and Indochina area. At the height of 250-2500m. The region is the riverhead of four big river systems. There are a roadway transportation system with national highways No.14, 19, 20, 24, 25, 27 etc. It has social economic and eco-environmental interrelationships with coastal provinces in South Central Coast and provinces in southern Laos and Northeast Cambodia. It has favourable advantages to promote cooperation with national and international economic areas.

- Mineral resources: The region has mineral resources of bauxite, gold, building material, gemstone, peat, brown coal, and other metals of: Sn, W, Pb, Zn, Sb, Pirit. There are 3.05 billion tons of bauxite rough ore, 1.5 billion tons of bauxite pure ore ở Đắc Nông and Konplon - An Khê Gia Lai province. Kon Tum province also has bauxite ore with 368 million ton of rough ore and 162 million tons of pure ore. Central Highlands has 21 gold points with reserves of 8.82 tons of pure gold and 46.5 tons of gold ore in Kon Tum province. There are gemstone points in Đăk min, Chư Sê, Plâycu, Đăl Me, Đăkhia.

- Tourist advantages: Central Highlands has great potentiality for developing tourism with specific natural and cultural features of various ethnic cultures, intact forest with precious species of livings, beautiful landscapes with waterfalls, mineral water streams etc. Especially, Đà Lạt (Lâm Đồng) has semi template climate really favourable for tourism and resort development. It has many nature reservation areas with intact ecology system and many precious species of birds, flying squirrel, bear, musk - cat, gayal, elephant, dear, crocodile, monkey etc.

- Forest advantages: Central Highlands has 3,140,000 hectares of forest with 238.9 million m3 of timber. It has the largest number of forests accounting for 31.9% national forest area and 36.3% national forest reserves, in which rich forests accounted for 41.2% and medium forest accounted for 51.2% of the national forestry resources.

Current economic situation

- Economic growth rate: In recent 5 years, the region’s economy had quickly developed with high growth rate. The average annual GDP growth rate in period of 2001 – 2005 was 10.05%. Budget revenue in 2006 was 2.6 times more than that of 2001, increasing 23% in compared with that of 2005. GDP per capital in 2006 was 6.6 million VND , increasing 23% in compared with that of 2005.
- Economic structure: The economic structure has been changing with increase in the proportion of industry and services contribution, and decrease on that of agriculture and forestry. The contribution of industry and construction increased 20.91% annually with the rapid development of hydro power plants (the contribution of industry increased 15.3% annually).


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