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 Rubber is one of the largest export turnover sectors in Vietnam with over $ 2.3 billion in 2010 (highest ever) and was expected to reach 3 billion USD in 2011, ranked 4th in the world.

Rubber from Vietnam occupied 7.3% the total production of the world, ranked 5th behind Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. The average yield of Vietnam rubber was ranked second (1.720kg/ha) after India (1.784kg/ha).

Vietnam is expected to become the 4th largest rubber producing countries in the world due to the continuously increase in growing area and yield from 2000 to present.

Current yield of Vietnam rubber industry is 1.72 ton / ha which higher than the average yield (1.6 ton / ha) of the world.

The increase in area in recent years could also take part in to the increase of rubber production in the future.

Area of rubber in 2010  740 Thousand ha
Productivity in 2010  1.72 tons / ha
Exploitation production in 2010 755 thousand tons
Exports in 2010  783 thousand tons
The export value in 2010  2.37 billion USD
Exports in 9 months 2011  525 thousand tons
The value of exports in 9 months 2011 2.27 billion USD


The major markets of Vietnam's rubber is China, accounting for 60-70% exports turnover, this is considered a weakness in the rubber industry now because there occurs the unfair prices for Vietnamese producer.

Vietnamese producers are also taking risks because the price of rubber depends mostly on policies and economic situation of the imported country.

Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, the United States ... are the next big export markets after China. During the first 8 months of 2011, the export value to China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, and the United States respectively: $ 1,166 million USD, 142 million USD, $ 92 million USD, $ 83 million USD, $ 82 million USD, and $ 52 million USD.

According to the forecast of Vietnam Rubber Association (VRA), rubber production would increase by 4% in 2011.

Vietnam could export about 830,000 tons, which rise by 50,000 tons in comparison to 2010, and reach 3 billion USD on the export value with the increase of rubber production and rubber from temporary import for re-export.

Vietnam exported 525,000 valuing 2.27 billion USD in the first 9 month of 2011. This number increases by 2.4% in terms of quantity but 60% in terms of value over the same period, completing 63 % planning and 76% yield plans $ 3 billion turnover of the rubber industry.


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