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 Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry in 2011 estimated to be worth approximately 1.7 billion USD, accounting for 1.47% GDP, 16% higher than it was in 2009.

According to the Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers News, annual growth of the industry in average was 16-18%, higher than the world’s (4-7%) and Asia’s (12.6%).

The stable development of the pharmaceutical sector over the years has to thank to the increasing in demand for drugs and the improvement in proportion of domestic production in competitive environment.

The demand for pharmaceuticals increased 20% annually. Average cost for pharmaceuticals in 2009 was 19.77 USD per person per year, 20% higher in comparison to 2008 (16.45 USD / person / year), and 3 times higher than in 2001 (6 USD / person / year).

Domestic production increased in average of 20% per year. In 2009 and 2010, domestic production of drugs increased 37.6% and 43.35% respectively.

Turnover in 2010 production was estimated at $ 1.2 billion and met 50% the needs of patients in the domestic market (10% more in comparison to 2008).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam is in the developing level.

However, Vietnam has a domestic pharmaceutical industry, but most of them have to import raw materials, so actually it can be said that Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry is developing at low – medium level.

The pharmaceutical products are selling on the domestic market could be divided into two kinds of medicine namely modern medicine and traditional medicine, depending on the raw material components.

Modern pharmaceuticals account for 90% share of the whole industry while the value of traditional medicine was not significant.

Different from most traditional medicine whose components are imported, the component of modern medicine could be domestic material and/ or imported.

Drugs mostly being imported are brand-name drugs which have the high value.

Domestic drugs are mainly generic, common and simple, almost no medicine specialists and/or particular medications.


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