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 In September last year, the seafood yield from fishery was 1.97 million tons increasing by 6.6% and that from aquaculture was 2.16 million tons rising 8.8%. The import value of seafood to American and European market also increased significantly in comparison to 2010.

Even though the economic status in 2011 of the countries was not stable, the import value of Vietnamese seafood to these markets was 4.35 million USD rising by 24.8% in comparison to 2010.

Spain was the only market the import value of Vietnamese seafood decreased while USA and the Middle East region saw the significant increase in that value.

Almost all main sectors go up sharply in term of production value in comparison to 2010. The production value of shrimp production was 1.56 billion UUSD rising by 21.7% while that of “Tra” fish was 1.23% billion USD rising by 29.3%.

Especially Vietnam has been the main exporters in global seafood market in terms of “Tra” fish. Price of tertiary materials for seafood industry tends to go down from about July of 2011 to now.

The price of seafood industry materials such as Tra fish tend to rise slightly despite the movement of interest and the increasing price of inputs like feed.

It proves that the material areas has been planned stably and mainly meet the needs of seafood processing factory. According to forecast of Vasep, the price would rise slightly because of an increasing demand in winter holiday. The forecasted export value to USA and EU would increase by about 20-25%.


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