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Services / Telecommunication

The Vietnam telecommunications market has witnessed an explosion in the number of subscribers, especially with mobile phone services and Internet providers during the last three years.

As of March 2010, Vietnamesetelecommunications was actually a competitive field with 7 cell phone providers, 8 fixed telephone providers, and up to 90 Internet suppliers.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Information and Communications, in 2010 the turnover of the IT industry reached more than 7.6 billion USD, up to 23.71% compared to 2009, the total revenue of telecommunications services generally reached 5.9 billion USD, (grew twice in compare to 2007) with the main contribution come from operators in mobile sector.

The contributrion of telecommunications and information technology enterprisesto GDP grew almost three times that year.

In general, mobile services of Vietnam have nearly reached saturation levels becausereception coverage was completed all over the country and has served approximately 50 million customers with 110 million mobile subscribers.

The Internet servicessector is still considered a good bussinessbecause the Internet users accounted only for 26.7% Vietnamese population.

The largest Internet Service Provider(recorded till December 2009)was VNPT with 68.59% share, followed by FPT with 13.71%, and Viettel,11.64%.

In 2009,the total revenue of the enterprises is US$ 453.74 million, in which the Postal services contributed US$ 175.12 million, increased 28.56% compared to 2008.

However, Vice Minister of Information & Communications, being asked to give opinion about thedevelopment in 2011 of the industry, said that Vietnam's telecommunications market could keep developing, by slow and difficult steps.

The mobile sector is forecast to dominate the sales of telecommunications services until 2015, especially the strong developing of 3G network. Ministry of Information - Communication also emphersized that slow growth mostly due to market saturation.

After the boom of the industry, customers now can freely choose one from various providers whom try all their best to keep the customers stay by improving the quality and vary the services.Because of thosemarket challenges, it is difficult for a firm who want to join the telecommunications industry.

How has the post and telecommunications sectorgrown and developed in the recent times?
What are the views of the experts on telecommunications markets in the upcoming period?

Invest Vietnam Networkprovide Report of VietnamTelecommunications Industry in 2011 which could give investors a panoramic overview and forecast about industry growth.

The objectives of the report are to be a useful tool as well as a reference channel which effectivelyhelp investors make the wisest decision.

To order the report, please contact us


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