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Mid-term CG Meeting 2012 (10/5/2012)

When: June 7-8

Where: the central province of Quang Tri

The mid-term meeting of the consultative group (CG) for Vietnam in 2012 will open in the central province of Quang Tri on June 7-8, the government said on its website. 

The meeting will focus on macroeconomic stabilization, natural disaster prevention, protection of the poor and efficiency of official development assistance (ODA) usage.

The mid-term CG meeting is a forum for the Vietnamese government and donors to review the Vietnam’s socio-economic performance as well as the implementation of the country’s commitments to the previous meeting.

Since the first CG meeting in 1993 in Paris, France, annual event is periodically organized in Dec. The mid-term CG meeting was introduced in 1999 and often takes place in June in different localities.

Earlier, at the CG held on December 6, 2011, international donors pledged $7.386 billion in ODA to Vietnam in 2012.

ODA disbursement reached $2.94 billion in 2010 and increased to $3.65 billion in 2011. However, experts said that disbursement rate in Vietnam is still lower than average space in the world.

(Source: chinhphu.vn)


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