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Overview / Development Strategy

The general goals of the Economic Development Plan 2011-2015 are to accelerate economic development sustainably, to improve living condition and the spirit of the people, stabilize politics - society, strengthen foreign cooperation activities, protect the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, creat the foundation for our country in order to basically become a modern industrialized country in 2020. 

The main expectants: the average economic growth in the next 5 years from 2011 to 2015 achieves 7.0- 7.5% / year. In 2015, GDP per capita would be around US$ 2,000; GDP structure: agriculture propotion 17 - 18%, industry and construction 41 - 42%, services 41 - 42%, high-tech products and products applying high technology reach 35% of GDP; rate of trained labors reachs 55%. Export value increases up to 12% / year, reducing the trade deficit, in 2020 strives to balance imports and exports. The average social capital investment in this period reachs 40% of GDP. Rate on raising the state budget reachs 23 - 24% of GDP, budget deficit reduces to 4.5% of GDP in 2015. To create jobs for 8 million workers. Growth rate of population to 2015 is about 1%.Life expectancy in 2015 reached 74 years of age. The poverty rate in average decreases of 2% / year. Forest coverage rate in 2015 reachs 42 - 43% ...
The solution

1. Innovate growth model and restructure the economy

To convert from the growth model developed mainly by the width to the rational development between the width and depth, expand the economy scale as well as improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability. Restructuring the economy, particularly in industry and service sectors which are suitable to the regions, promote the restructuring and adjustment of business strategy development; increase domestic value, added value and competitiveness of products, businesses and the whole economy.

To improve the invest environment, business and apply diversified forms of invest attractment to mobilize and use efficiently all resources of the local as well as foreign economic components, developing internal resources, taking advantage of external resources for development. To encourage investment in industry, agriculture, high technology services and solutions to technological innovation and manufacture of new products ... and participate more effectively in high scientific proportion proceses or phases, high added value manufacturing and worldwide network distribution.

To diversify the sectors and ocupations to create more jobs and income, encourage and facilitate employees to learn, improve their professional skills, and have mechanisms and policies to detect and use talents significantly. Promoting the potential of science, technology of the country, quickly raising labor productivity and quality of social growth of the economy. Improved links, exploitation and promotion of the potential strengths of each area economic development facilitate and promote the leading role of key economic areas, creating a radial, and attract other economic areas.

2. Development and construction industry towards modernization, capacity and competitiveness

To restructure and constructre the industry with the focus on basic industries, have a comparative advantage and strategic significance for the development of fast, efficient, sustainable, of the independence economy, gradually be able to participate deeply and efficiently to the network of global production and distribution. To prioritize the development and completion of key projects on mechanical engineering, machinery manufacturing and substitute equipments import for industry, agriculture, construction; high technology industry manufacturing for electronic components , computers, oil and gas industry, electricity, coal, mining, chemicals, steel, cement, fertilizer ..., supporting industry, defense industry and security with increasing level of high technology, clean, low cost raw materials, energy efficiency, competitiveness and added value.

Industrial development priorities for agriculture and rural development, especially industrial production equipment, tillage equipment, harvesting, storage, processing, agriculture - forestry - fishery products export Export production of fertilizers, animal feed, pesticide for plant and animal ...

Vigorously develop construction industry while rationally develop labor-intensive industry, contributing to change the labour structure rapidly. Focus on developing support equipment, loading and unloading at ports, airports, automotive, locomotive and carriages, the heavy transport, maritime transport vessels and construction machinery, production of materials for construction, especially telecommunications equipment Gradually rise up the level of design, planning and quality construction; modernize construction industry to reach a high level in the region, meet the requirements of domestic construction and international bidding.

Develop research capacity, design and manufacture of industrial products with modern technology, high added value, especially digital control machine, automatic systems which are capable of exporting, substitute for importing, raise the localization rate of the product ...; quickly establish a number of institutes for industrial technology, probing and exploiting mineral technology, agricultural technology which are able to do research, invent techniques and technology; closely link scientific research facilities, training facilities to production and business units.

Rational distribution of industry all over the regions, promote the effectiveness of existing industrial clusters and promote industrial development in cluster form and groups of products, create a large scale industrial, high performance and boosting the development of high-tech zones; form and develop intergrated economic areas in the coast and border gate.

Strive for an increase in added value by 7.8 to 8% / year on average in the field of industry – construction in the period from 2011-2015.

3. Develop agriculture - forestry - fishery toward industrialization and modernization associated with solving problems of farmers and rural.

Develop agriculture comprehensively towards a modern, efficient, and sustainable direction; promote the advantages of tropical agriculture. Based on the accumulation of land, promote mechanization, application of modern technologies (particularly biotechnology), rearrange the structure of crop growing and animal breeding; improve the economic households, farms, agricultural groups, farmer cooperations, specialized areas, high-tech agricultural zones, large production complex. Effective implementation of the closely union between "the four" (farmers, scientists, entrepreneurs, state) and industrial development, handicraft industries and services in rural areas. Develop farmer associations and agriculture extensions to promote agriculture, forestry, and fishery, facilitate the organization of practical activities in order to run effectively.

Develop agricultural mass production with high productivity, good quality, efficient and high competitiveness, friendly with environment; link producting with processing and marketing as well as export expanding. Keep the area of paddy land as planned, strongly ensure national food security and increase the value of rice export. Expand crop growing area; apply high technology to increase productivity and quality of vegetables, crops, fruit trees and advantageous industrial crops. Quickly develop the livestock sector by industrial methods, semi-industrial with modern technology.

Develop forestry comprehensive, sustainable with focusing on production forests, protection forests and specialized forests; increase forest area and forest cover on the basis of encouraging economic investors to participate in with their investment. There are mechanisms and policies to support people who can live, enrichment from planting, tending and protecting forest; form combinations of plantation forestry with processing product industry and the development of specialized forest areas to meet more and more domestic raw materials for processing industrial of wood and wood products, paper.

Strongly develop aquaculture diversed as planned; to promote the advantages of each region associated with the market; focus on industrial farming, intensive farming which is essential to freshwater, brackish and salt water aquatic; associate farming and processing with hygiene, food safety. Promote offshore fishing with high-tech applications in the process of searching fishing grounds; modernize fish processing establishments. To build the infrastructure, facilities services for cultivating, catching, processing and exporting seafood.

Construction of modern countryside: Plan and develop rural and urban and residential layout. Vigorously develop industrial, service and craft villages associated with environmental protection. Implement rural development programs to suit the characteristics of each region firmly with basic steps for each period to preserve and promote the cultural traditions of rural Vietnam. To promote development of rural infrastructure.Create a favorable environment to exploit all possibilities of investment in agriculture and rural development, especially the investment of small and medium enterprises, attract many workers. Implement effectively training program for 1 million rural workers available annually.

Successfully implement house supporting programs for the poor and policy beneficiaries, housing programs for the people who live in areas having storms and floods, rationally distribute residential layout, keep safe in flooded areas, landslided mountainous areases, along rivers and coastal areas.

To strive for agricultural value added reaching 2.6 - 3% / year in average of 5 years Share of agricultural workers in 2015 accounted for 40 - 41% of social labor. The income of rural residents increased from 1.8 - 2 times higher than in 2010.

4. Development of service sectors: finance, banking, trade, tourism and services with high added value.

Prioritize the development and modernization of financial services, banking, telecommunications, trading, tourism, transportation, health care, education, training, science and technology. There are mechanisms and policies to encourage the use of domestically produced goods, expanding the domestic market, growth of domestic trade in all regions; perfect delivery system for establishing a firm position of firms in the retail market. To promote and encourage exports, especially new products, processed products which have high technology content, high value added; reduce exports of mineral and raw products. Form big commerce- service centers which serve as trading centers in the country and the trading gateway with foreigners at the same time in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, Da Nang and Can Tho. To build large tourism centers all over country then in turn effectively connect them to major tourist centers of other countries in our region.

Strive for higher GDP growth in service sector which is at least 1.3 times than the growth rate of manufacturing material products; service growth rate in average in 5-year achieved 8 to 8.5% / year.

5. Concentrate on building; create innovation in the economic infrastructure system.

Develop with focal points and have investment focus, determined to complete the construction of economic modern key infrastructure following modern trends which can be synced with developing areas, high-tech zones, industrial parks, economic zones. Basically complete essential transportation network, the coastal road, ring road border. Modernization of some airports, seaports and a significant number of major routes linking China, Laos and Cambodia. To further improve the direction of modern urban transport system, focus on solving traffic congestion and flooding Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time develop a comprehensive system for local transport in order to have road for car transporting in every commune (except the communes whichs have extreme topographical and/or geographical difficulties).

Agile development to ensure adequate electrical power for industrialization, modernization and daily needs; complete power transmission system associated with ensuring the safe operation, to reduce 1 / 3 the power loss compared to today. Modernize the Postal - Telecommunications and information technology infrastructure to be capable of ensuring the needs in the context of wider international integration. Construct of multi-purpose irrigation projects, rise up the capacity for irrigation for growing crops, builds more water reservoirs in drought areas, river dikes and breakwaters. Develop systems to provide potable water for urban, industrial and rural areas.

Construct treatment facilities for solid waste, water waste, gas waste as well as environmental protection projects. Early complete forecast climate system, weather and research institutions of global climate change to improve prediction, prevention, limiting the effects of natural disasters.

6. Develop economic - social harmony between regions, urban and rural areas.

Develop the potentials and strengths of each region with long-term vision, strengthening connections among localities in the planned region, to overcome the duplication of investment, lack of connectivity between local areas in one region; at the same time enhance the alignment and coordination between regions to develop, gradually reduce the disparity in development levels and living standards between regions. To promote further the economic development of regions and key territorial impetus for the economy. Strengthen policies to support the development of many difficulties, especially in remote areas, ethnic minority.

For Delta areas: Focus on developing industries, high technology services, establish and promote of the role of large urban centers and industrial zones, economic areas. Use land effectively, with high efficiency on the basis of economic development in depth, take advantage of the height of the space. Reorganize agriculture production; develop focused commodity production areas, intensive cropping areas, high-tech agricultural zones, associate with postharvest and processing, domestic market and export. Reduce excessive concentration of industrial and urban areas in the Red River Delta; have specific measures to actively limit the damage caused by sea level rise on the Red River Delta and Mekong Delta.

For midland and mountainous areas: To develop a system of transport infrastructure, taking advantage of trading with China, Laos, Cambodia and the delta areas and coastal; rationally and effectively exploit hydropower potential, mineral, associate to water resource development; efficiently use agricultural land, forest; set up lagre –scale production areas for industrial crops and intensive fruit trees, pulp forests, wood and cattle breeding. Continue forest land allocation program, to support people to grow and protect forest. Improve people's knowledge and accelerate poverty reduction, improve people's lives; to issue more rational policies for officers, soldiers, police and people to carry out the task of protecting boder line, forest and water resources.

For coastal zones, seas and islands: economic development in coastal, marine and island followed oriented strategy for Sea forecast to 2020. Build logical port system, industrial and economic zones; develop coastal urban areas, associate with ship building and ship repairing, develop oil exploition and gas processing, marine shipping and marine tourism. Develop strong economic in islands, offshore operators, associate with searching and rescuing; firmly hold the sovereignty of national water.Promote the baseline for a number of important marine resources.

Harmoniously develop between urban and rural areas. Develop urban areas consistently with economic development following the long-term plan which is not closed by administrative boundaries and properly handle the relationship between urbanization and modernization of rural areas. Improve industry and service sectors in rural areas to restrict migration from countrysides to the cities, and not let any lagre territory empty of urban areas.

Improving the quality of urban planning and promoting investment in building infrastructure in large urban areas, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Form a system of small and medium urban oriented distributed on the appropriate region to overcome the spontaneous urban development. Coastal urban construction should take into account the sea level rise due to climate change. Support the planning, construction and make better organization of the rural population toward a clean, beautiful and civilized environment.

(Source: Quote "Political Report of the Party Central Committee at the Xth Congress of the XI th National Party")


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